updated 8:45 AM UTC, Oct 30, 2023

2016 January-March Volume 2 Issue 1

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Mediterranean diet, hypertension and cardiovascular disease

Mónica Domenech, Antonio Coca

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Type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertension

Maria Mota,  Simona Popa,  Denissa Turneanu

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Circulating microRNAs in cardiovascular diseases: recent progress and challenges

Sanda Maria Cretoiu 

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Common and emergent factors associated with hypertension control in Romania. Data from SEPHAR II Study

Roxana-Oana Darabont, Oana-Florentina Tautu, Maria Elena Ardeleanu, Maria Dorobantu

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Role of hypertension in left ventricular morphology among chronic kidney disease patients

Daniela Teodora Maria, Sorin Ioan Zaharie, Eugen Mota 

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Current tendency in cardiovascular risk of Romanian adult population

Oana-Florentina Tautu, Roxana Darabont, Maria Dorobantu 

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